I have been invited to participate in the Bien Urbain 2015 street art festival that takes place in Besançon (France). My intervention consists in placing ceramics where there used to be holes on the ground, it’s a manner to fix the city in a luxury way. The first step was to take the prints of […]

Meanwhile I was working on the ‘Mirages’ installation I had some spare time to do some cement goodies for Bien Urbain 2015. On the abandoned military barracks I misappropriate an old Pétainist’s slogan that says ‘Travail, Famille, Patrie’ (Work, Family, Homeland) and turned it into ‘Travail, Famille, Party’. Pétain is the marshal that was in […]


Here is the wall I made for PopUp festival. Along the railways that goes from Ancona to Roma 5 stations were intervened by different artists. Mine is in Fabriano, I painted the old water tank of the station. I named it the “Evolution chain”, The rounded format invited me to tell an endless story like […]

LA CHUTE December 15, 2014

I had 7 seven days to work and that massive wall, every shape on that mural is absurdly huge and the weather has not been quite cooperative so I was really happy we could make it. While sketching I was feeling quite apprehensive because of the height, that’s probably why I unconsciously drew Characters dropping. […]


As a result of my 3 week residency in Mexico DF I had a soloshow opening on the 13th of November at the Celaya brothers Gallery called: Haciendome el Loco. It means “acting like crazy”, acting like crazy as if you don’t want to be aware of what’s going on around you… like an ostrich […]


I spent a 3 weeks residency in Mexico working on my soloshow at the Celaya brothers Gallery. It had been a long time since i wanted to visit this country and i must say that my expectations have not been disappointed. I was lucky enough to visit Oaxaca during the “Día de Muertos”, it is […]


Artmossphere took place in Moscow, september 2014. For that Biennale of street art, more than 60 artists were invited… most of them were friends I was really looking forward to meet up there. Crazy artists from around the world in a crazier hotel with bowling inside; things went mad at some point: Vodka was taking […]

CERAMIC IN MOSCOW December 12, 2014

During September 2014 was celebrated one of the most important streetart event in Rusia: Artmossphere (Moscow Biennale of Street Art), for which more than 60 artists around the world have been invited. My good friend Sixe Paredes and I decided to take advantage of Rusian knowledge in ceramic and adapt our style to a new […]

I’ve spent most of the year enjoying my studio… Which is kind of part of my new house… which is, right in front of the sea! Tenerife is such a perfect place to live for me right now, I’m enjoying every last bit of it. So here is a miscellany of this year everyday life […]


Villa Ocupada is a project included in a big cultural event that occurs every summer in Nantes called “Le voyage à Nantes”, in France. In that case we intervened 10 South-American and 10 European ones in an abandoned municipal building. With: Basco Vasko, Bastardilla, Derlon, Kazy, Ever, Fefe Talavera, Jéronimo, Jiem, Popay, Fuska, Katjastroph, Naf, […]

LOS MAGOS June 15, 2014

MUECA is a Street Art festival that takes place in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. ROA, el Niño de las Pinturas, Victor Ash and Kob were part of the line-up. Tenerife is the island where I’ve been living for the past 2 years, I love the vibe here and wanted to give a tribute to […]

CEMENT ROSACE May 19, 2014

Delimbo gallery organized the event “Un tatuaje en la piel que habito” (trans: A tattoo on the skin I live in) in the “3000 Viviendas”, Sevilla. The 3000 viviendas or Las vegas is a famous gipsy neighborhood, known for its illegal activities… It’s been obviously abandoned from basic council maintenance and authorities are no welcome. […]