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Here is the wall I made for PopUp festival. Along the railways that goes from Ancona to Roma 5 stations were intervened by different artists. Mine is in Fabriano, I painted the old water tank of the station. I named it the “Evolution chain”, The rounded format invited me to tell an endless story like […]

LA CHUTE December 15, 2014

I had 7 seven days to work and that massive wall, every shape on that mural is absurdly huge and the weather has not been quite cooperative so I was really happy we could make it. While sketching I was feeling quite apprehensive because of the height, that’s probably why I unconsciously drew Characters dropping. […]

LOS MAGOS June 15, 2014

MUECA is a Street Art festival that takes place in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. ROA, el Niño de las Pinturas, Victor Ash and Kob were part of the line-up. Tenerife is the island where I’ve been living for the past 2 years, I love the vibe here and wanted to give a tribute to […]

CEMENT ROSACE May 19, 2014

Delimbo gallery organized the event “Un tatuaje en la piel que habito” (trans: A tattoo on the skin I live in) in the “3000 Viviendas”, Sevilla. The 3000 viviendas or Las vegas is a famous gipsy neighborhood, known for its illegal activities… It’s been obviously abandoned from basic council maintenance and authorities are no welcome. […]

SCALE OF POWER November 2, 2013

Last of the Big-walls-summer-mission in Lodz, Poland. I was invited by the Urban Forms Foundation to participate this year in their festival, my wall is along some great other murals done by Remed, Os Gemeos, Aryz, Kenor, Roa, Etam crew… and plenty more artists. This work is untitled “Scale of power”, it’s my vision of […]

A DI CITTÀ / ROSARNO October 31, 2013

Rosarno is a small town down south in the “heel” of Italy. There was a riot involving immigrants in 2010 that spotted the town on the news for a few days. It is a bit depressed city, assaulted by unemployment and social tensions; therefore A di città festival aims to bring animation in its neighborhood […]

ESCAPING THE CITY October 31, 2013

Continuing the summer mission, just after Atlanta I headed to Moscow; As last year I was invited by StreetKit. Once again I had a BIG wall to paint in 2 weeks in the suburbs of the city. It took some times to get the permission from the council and the conditions were very tricky: wind, […]

LIVING WALLS 2013 October 30, 2013

During the beginning of august takes place the Living Walls festival in Atlanta. It’s been going for years now and the city has got some impressive murals, the organization is perfect and the atmosphere around the hole thing is incredibly smooth. I was given that massive wall in Summerhill, close to the Braves’s baseball stadium. […]

Bois Blancs RPZ May 22, 2013

I went back to my hometown Lille to paint a mural for the Biennale internationale d’art mural. My wall was close to my friend Remed’s one, the neighborhood called Bois Blancs (White Wood in french) used to be a bit conflictive back in the days. We performed on an elementary school so it was very […]

Billboard takeover May 22, 2013

I had noticed that wonderful spot since I arrived in Tenerife. By the rests of papers on the billboard, I would say there once was a political propaganda pasted… I thought that, in times like these, people might fancy some geometrical colored faces rather than the typical politic’s portrait saying “working for you” with a […]

Fighting peacefully January 7, 2013

I moved out to Tenerife 2 months ago; there are plenty of abandoned walls close to where I live so I decided to speak with the neighbors to get the permission to brighten up the area with some colors. It is probably the biggest “Do it yourself” wall I have ever painted… The theme deals […]

To windy for beach time… September 14, 2012

This summer I went to visit my brother in Tarifa, I already had this spot in mind and it got to windy to go to the beach. Lucky me, there was a construction store near by… Morality: If the wind is to strong to go to the beach, you can always mix the sand with […]