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Vases for the Masses April 1, 2011

Here are the for vases once kilned, they are the result of my last trip to Vietnam. This time, as I explained in the making of post, I have been willing to experiment with another ceramic technique, and so, I went to Bat Trang: “The white ceramic village”. It is 15kms away from Hanoi and […]

Back again in Hanoi to learn some more about the ceramic. This time I went to Bat Trang to paint on some potteries. I wanted to use a typical support from the village and the oriental countries as are the vases. In Bat Trang, you can see vases surrounded by dog figure’s all over town, […]

Sculptures in Phu Lang November 17, 2010

I am just coming back from Vietnam where I have been spending most of the time in a small village called Phu Lang at 60km from Hanoi. Phu Lang is the last survivor of an old pottery Village triangle. It is incredibly picturesque and relaxed with its outstanding countryside and its streets full of wooden […]

Le Roi est Mort Vive le Roi… November 17, 2010

Long live the king! And especially if he has 3 heads… It makes succesion business easier to deal with. But the greed for power could well extinguish the 3rd Headz dynasty ahead of schedule! This is my first proper sculpture, it took me a long time as I was getting familiar with the technique but […]

SEX IN DA BOXXX February 18, 2010

Welcome to the “Sex in the Boxxx” gentleman’s show… Ya podéis soltar el dinero que este espectáculo no os defraudará! Viene directamente de la Brooklynite Gallery (New York) donde ha causado furor y a recaudado más millones que Avatar. Es el espectáculo sexual mas deseado del momento con “Mr L’Amour” en invitado especial…Todo eso con […]

Natures Morte 5 February 5, 2008

“3TTMAN HA MUERTO!!!” esta en portada de todas las noticias. Ocurrió una soleada mañana de sábado mientras iba a dar una vuelta por la sierra con su novia “3tetas”, a la 10h37 cuando ya iban camino de vuelta a casa; se tropezaron con E. Ramírez -mas conocido como “El descargador” entre los miembros de la […]