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I have been invited to participate in the Bien Urbain 2015 street art festival that takes place in Besançon (France). My intervention consists in placing ceramics where there used to be holes on the ground, it’s a manner to fix the city in a luxury way. The first step was to take the prints of […]

Meanwhile I was working on the ‘Mirages’ installation I had some spare time to do some cement goodies for Bien Urbain 2015. On the abandoned military barracks I misappropriate an old Pétainist’s slogan that says ‘Travail, Famille, Patrie’ (Work, Family, Homeland) and turned it into ‘Travail, Famille, Party’. Pétain is the marshal that was in […]


As a result of my 3 week residency in Mexico DF I had a soloshow opening on the 13th of November at the Celaya brothers Gallery called: Haciendome el Loco. It means “acting like crazy”, acting like crazy as if you don’t want to be aware of what’s going on around you… like an ostrich […]


I spent a 3 weeks residency in Mexico working on my soloshow at the Celaya brothers Gallery. It had been a long time since i wanted to visit this country and i must say that my expectations have not been disappointed. I was lucky enough to visit Oaxaca during the “Día de Muertos”, it is […]


Artmossphere took place in Moscow, september 2014. For that Biennale of street art, more than 60 artists were invited… most of them were friends I was really looking forward to meet up there. Crazy artists from around the world in a crazier hotel with bowling inside; things went mad at some point: Vodka was taking […]


Villa Ocupada is a project included in a big cultural event that occurs every summer in Nantes called “Le voyage à Nantes”, in France. In that case we intervened 10 South-American and 10 European ones in an abandoned municipal building. With: Basco Vasko, Bastardilla, Derlon, Kazy, Ever, Fefe Talavera, Jéronimo, Jiem, Popay, Fuska, Katjastroph, Naf, […]

With El País in ARCO February 23, 2012

I have been invited to participate in the El País´s stand for ARCO 2012 with 5 other artists : Spok, Sixe, Nuria Mora, Suso33 and Neko. After some meeting we decided that the best way to do it was to have one art-piece each and then a common wall where we would interact during the […]

Dakar Xeex Pollution December 7, 2011

I have had the luck to be invited to the Xeex (which means fight in Wolof) Festival in Dakar. This time, the purpose was to sensibilize people from the medina with pollution: Xeex Pollution! Everything happened really fast and from one day to another I found myself in Senegal right after coming back from Vietnam… […]

Du coq à l’âne is the name of my last soloshow at DELIMBO ARTSPACE in Sevilla. It means to hop from one subject to another as the show is the result of this last year experimentations. From the Vietnamese ceramics, to collages, paintings, sculptures or cement installations ; the public will witness all the different […]

3 days with Greenpeace October 30, 2011

Last september I have been contacted by Greenpeace to make a mural during one of their intervention against the illegal construction of the Algarrobico : a HUGE hotel they were building in the middle of the natural reserve Cabo de Gata. We broke into the hotel and barricaded there during 3 days, that is the time […]

Faceless for N-Spired May 12, 2011

Here is my part of the N-spired Interactive Project. It consists in 3 things: Anyone can relates any kind of short stories on the webpage; the most voted story inspires a design interpreted by an artist for Tshirts and silkscreens; and there is a social act bounded to the whole theme. Through your mobile and […]

La Realidad November 17, 2010

I have been invited by “La Realidad” to interact in the space they dedicate to artistic events. As it is a place which mixes culture and leisure, I wanted to make a piece with which the public could participate. Influenced by the “fill within the numbers” children style drawings and with the precious help of […]