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CERAMIC IN MOSCOW December 12, 2014

During September 2014 was celebrated one of the most important streetart event in Rusia: Artmossphere (Moscow Biennale of Street Art), for which more than 60 artists around the world have been invited. My good friend Sixe Paredes and I decided to take advantage of Rusian knowledge in ceramic and adapt our style to a new […]

I’ve spent most of the year enjoying my studio… Which is kind of part of my new house… which is, right in front of the sea! Tenerife is such a perfect place to live for me right now, I’m enjoying every last bit of it. So here is a miscellany of this year everyday life […]

Portrait of a king May 22, 2013

This painting was inspired by the recent brilliant performance of Spain’s beloved king. It goes for human stupid behavior… sometimes. Acrylic on canvas. 195cmx135cm.

Spray Faces May 22, 2013

New works on paper intervened with spray technic. Limited edition of 20 pieces each. Signed and numbered. Paper: 270 gr. 50X70cm. 100% cotton. Natural white. If you are interested in buying, contact me at: 3ttman@3ttman.com

El Beso. Print for sale November 14, 2012

New “El Beso” (The Kiss) 22 prints for sale, based on the sketch I did for the Kiev’s mural. Each print has been intervened previously with spray. It is signed and numbered. Paper: ”ZERKALL ARTRAG”: 300gr. 76x107cm. 100% cotton. Natural white. Printed by: HOLA POR QUÉ If you are interested in buying, contact me at: 3ttman@3ttman.com

Mosaic in Bat Trang July 28, 2012

Here is the result of my last trip to Vietnam in November 2011. I went back to spend some time in Bat Trang village 15 kms away from Hanoi and famous for its ceramic production. I wanted to make my own mosaic and work the same way the locals do… and believe me; these are […]

Lately I have been working on a big canvas (260cm x 170cm). It is pretty much a portrait of my life at the moment: Love, a baby to come and a future to build. It is untitled “Volviendo pa’ casa” (going back home) that is a kind of premonition of things to come. I decided […]

Sarajevo city of hope May 9, 2012

With my long time brother Remed, we have been invited by the Spanish embassy of Sarajevo to paint a massive canvas (3,5mx2m) in the bibliotheka of Vijecnica. This amazing place built in 1894 burnt in flames during the Siege of Sarajevo and is now being reconstructed with the help of the international community. It is […]

O Rei Obei September 13, 2010

Here are 3 collages done for an exposition at UBS Art Promotion, Madrid 2010. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

After coming back from Mallorca, I have had some intense thoughts about what was really the religion and how it was perceived in our society. I will save you the details of my paranoia… But I concluded that I had to re-take the religion as a moral or a story and get abstracted from many […]

Lately I’ve been preparing one of the most important and interesting projects of my career: to make a 30 meters long mosaic mural tiled in the city of Hanoi. These drawings are the fruit of my work prior to the final mural, they are conceived as final art pieces from which I will take ideas […]

Comic Fantastic 4 June 10, 2010

Here are my illustrations for the comic we did between Zbiok, Remed, Grems and I, for the exhibition “Fantastic Four” that we had together in London at the Pure Evil gallery. The curator Daphné Polski asked us to put our characters in different situations. With them, she created an history in which the four superheroes […]