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MIRAGES (Bien Urbain 2015)

July 30, 2015

I have been invited to participate in the Bien Urbain 2015 street art festival that takes place in Besançon (France). My intervention consists in placing ceramics where there used to be holes on the ground, it’s a manner to fix the city in a luxury way. The first step was to take the prints of the holes and then cut the shapes in fresh clay. After that the shapes had to dry for 2 days to be kilned for 24 hours, colored, and kilned again. Timing was super tight but thanks to Françoise’s knowledge of the technic everything went perfect. Once placed on the streets the ceramics look like little islands in the middle of a macadam ocean. I called this intervention ‘Mirages’ because it feels like something surreal that shouldn’t be there. I like the contrast between the notion of dirty (the ground) and refined (the ceramics), it’s a way to invite the public to watch his steps and enjoy the little details of his surroundings.
Thanks a lot to the Staff of Bien Urbain, everything went smooth thanks to the perfect organization.

Pictures by: Elisa Murcia Artengo, David Demougeot, Quentin Coussirat.

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