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December 15, 2014

I had 7 seven days to work and that massive wall, every shape on that mural is absurdly huge and the weather has not been quite cooperative so I was really happy we could make it. While sketching I was feeling quite apprehensive because of the height, that’s probably why I unconsciously drew Characters dropping.
As the title implies (“chute” means “fall” in french), it deals with the inevitable plunge of our civilization to an uncertain future, especially when it comes to nature and its resources. These characters could be terrestrial or they could be god, but they are falling smiling… At least.
This painting is situated in Usera (Madrid) a neighborhood called chinatown because of the massive chinese settlement there. Locals would ask me if it was the Chinese paying for it? which i found funny and sad at the same time. When I would say that it was sponsored by the council the main answer was “why would they spend their money on that and not on repairing the streets furnitures”. That’s how low the mojo is in Usera right now.
I certainly couldn’t have done it without the help of my good friend Don Andrea Pancaldi.

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