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June 30, 2014

Villa Ocupada is a project included in a big cultural event that occurs every summer in Nantes called “Le voyage à Nantes”, in France.
In that case we intervened 10 South-American and 10 European ones in an abandoned municipal building. With: Basco Vasko, Bastardilla, Derlon, Kazy, Ever, Fefe Talavera, Jéronimo, Jiem, Popay, Fuska, Katjastroph, Naf, Pelucas, Okuda, Presente Grupo, Seimiek… It was an amazing line-up and the vibe was perfect during the whole project!
I’ve chosen to work with cement because it made a direct link with Latin American culture and I was given a chance to make an entire room which I had been willing to do for a long time.
The name of the piece is “The Cosmic Chapel”, once again I wanted to enhance the fact that a basic technic like cement can turn into something supernatural. Thanks to everybody that helped!

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