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May 19, 2014

Delimbo gallery organized the event “Un tatuaje en la piel que habito” (trans: A tattoo on the skin I live in) in the “3000 Viviendas”, Sevilla. The 3000 viviendas or Las vegas is a famous gipsy neighborhood, known for its illegal activities… It’s been obviously abandoned from basic council maintenance and authorities are no welcome. We were expecting a hard time in the hood but as usually in these case, with the help of local associations, everything went more than well and the neighbors were delighted with our works.
I decided to make a cement that would look like a rosace so it would give a sacred atmosphere to a place that is more sensed as a dodgy ghetto rather than a church… It’s all about perceptions. Once again, the theme deals with people getting together and spreading good vibrations around.

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